Unfortunately the MP-GT1 has been discontinued. You can find the vocal version available in a few places and it’s basically the same unit. If you find something comparable to the MP-GT1 that you like, please drop me a line in the comments.

I’ve been waiting for something like this for a LONG time. Yes there is excellent software out there for your computer that will basically accomplish most of what the MP-GT1 will, but I wanted a stand alone contraption I could take on the road with me. I also use it teaching and would rather carry this around than my laptop. I can plug my guitar right into it and the built in effects make practising with it tolerable. But what I’ve mostly been using it for is to transcribe solos. Typically I can skip the VSA (variable speed adjust) and simply drop the pitch and octave and the speed by half, to work on a solo. The sound quality is excellent using this method. I can set an IN and an OUT point and loop that part of the phrase I’m working on. How cool is that?! After I’ve got the solo together I can gradually up the speed- now at the original pitch using VSA. Build up speed and bring it up to tempo! It’s so much more practically easy to do that I’m actually doing it instead of having those solos on a list I’ve been meaning to get around to.

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