Finding a Private Guitar Instructor

Do you ever teach long-distance private lessons via webcam, emailing files, or anything along those lines? I’ve been frustrated by a few recent experiences with teachers in my area whose method or temperament didn’t suit me.

This is just my opinion, but in spite of your difficulty in finding a satisfactory instructor, I still think a few one-on-one lessons are the way to go. If you live near any medium-to-large-sized city, there must be a teacher with whom you would get along. Maybe it’s just a matter of looking in the right place. Try asking around at your local music stores.

Especially for working on rhythm guitar playing, as you mentioned, you need immediate feedback from the instructor—saying “No! That’s not it! Stop rushing! Tap your foot, damn it!” or “Yes! That’s it!”—as he watches your hands, feet, and body, and plays along with you in real time. It’s hard to make that happen online.

Look for somebody who has most of these things:
-is formally educated in music with at least a year at Berklee, MI, or a university,
-is articulate and a good listener,
-is drug-free,
-has played lots of different kinds of gigs,
-is commercially published, or has some charts and/or handouts that he’s accumulated for teaching purposes. This shows a commitment to teaching.
-keeps track of your lesson activities
-gives homework, especially when he sees you lack focus.

It’s not really necessary that he’s an astounding player, unless you’re desperate for that kind of inspiration.

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2 thoughts on “Finding a Private Guitar Instructor

  1. Hi.. thanks for sharing your tips on how to find the ideal guitar instructor. I definitely agree on all the tips mentioned however he should be reachable at specific times. If indeed there could be a guitar player who meets the criteria mentioned above, he must be a really busy fella to get a hold of. We realize that, there are times when a student, while in practice, finds himself in a dead end and may have questions that need to get answered quickly, that is why we have online chat support for students, with a real live guitar instructor on the other end.

  2. Commitment to teaching and legitimacy are huge factors in finding a qualified Guitar Teacher. I’m amazed at the number of Guitar Lesson Signs I drive by on a daily basis. I love to call and inquire about their program and usually find they lack one. Serious guitar teaching must be done by those committed to the teaching profession, and not as a way to get cash in between gigs. Long live the Real Guitar Teachers.

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